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NC Opportunity Scholarships Program

The NC Opportunity Scholarships Program creates scholarships up to $4,200 for grades K-12 if you’re interested in allowing your child to attend a private school of your choice. Visit the website: to see if you pre-qualify. Additional information is available in the vestibule and on both wings of the church. If you have questions concerning this new program, contact Anthony Rucker @ (336) 342-1166.


Bishop John H. Graves Scholarship


In honor of Bishop John H. Graves, the Benaja Mt. Zion Holiness Church of God, Inc. is pleased to award a scholarship in the memory of a great leader, a faithful servant of God and a servant to the people. Bishop Graves was dedicated to God, his family and the congregation that he so dearly loved. He was a breath of fresh air when he entered a room. Throughout his life as the Pastor and Bishop, he reminded us that “in order to be a good leader, one must stay before God and allow him to direct his steps.” Bishop Graves encouraged his congregation to reach their potential, stay steadfast to their dreams and obtain an education.

Bishop Graves retired as pastor in 1998, but continued to serve in the role of Bishop until his death in 2002. Under his leadership, he established youth, senior citizens and community outreach programs. He touched many lives and his goal was to initiate fellowship with all whom he encountered.

Bishop Graves started his day by uttering the words, “Lord, help me to be a blessing to someone else.”

BJHG Scholarship Recipient

2022 – 2023: Michaela Singletary

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"In order to be a good leader, one must stay before God and allow him to direct his steps."

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